Where did my dreams go?

It takes COURAGE to follow your dreams, for sure. Can you trust that the “way” will appear as you take the first step? That’s when the second step will show up. Often, our joy is quite literally tied to our dreams. Be courageous today.  

Thoughts and happiness connection

Our thoughts create our reality. Are your thoughts life-giving and beauty? Or, are you cursing your day, your co-workers and the traffic. Shift your thoughts from fear to have an inspired experience. The invisible (thoughts) create the visible (beauty, smiles, bliss). Let’s make better choices, starting with the quality of our thoughts today.

First Priority: Being good to yourself!

Self-care: being deliberate about loving yourself, practicing preventive medicine and self-initiated control. Then, you can be there for those who need you. Love yourself first! Do this for me.

Wholehearted living wish, Valentine.

Here is my Valentine for YOU! Married AND single… Make this your daily intention – TO LIVE and LOVE with your WHOLE HEART. What a gift Dr. Brene’ Brown’s research and books are: provoking us to new thought and dialogue, and enriching us personally and those around us!!! (Thank you for your focus and diligence – it changes us.)

Nurture the seed of greatness in each other – it’ll improve our world

Help yourself and your friends recognize the gift inside each one of us. (Col. 1:27)  It could be a seed of greatness that needs nurturing and development. Watering. Pruning? Removing weeds so it gets more sun? Part of our growth is recognizing it, celebrating it and embracing the joy of sharing it with the world. Mix it with LOTS of …

Separate your future from your past – mentally & emotionally

When you want desperately to overcome that accusing voice in your head that puts you down, SHOUT this affirmation! Realize today you are making new choices that create a new future, if you are determined to be better, change, focus and smile! This is YOUR reality show, you are creating, that is filled with you becoming strong, confident, glorious, amazing and beautiful sun-filled …

Who are you – at your best?

HELP FOR YOUR RESOLUTIONS IN THIS NEW YEAR. Who am I when I am at my best? I started asking myself this question OFTEN this last year while I was dealing with 24/7 time freedom (aka retirement) and the challenge of living from my true essence daily. Living from what is truly important to me, at this moment. Living by …

Generative Wholeness: I’ll know the next step – when?

I have dreams. We make goals. You start planning, but get stumped in trying to complete them. Can you try trusting yourself a little? Trust that when you’ve taken the first step, the next one will show up. There is a wisdom inside you that will show you the way. This reminds me of when, as a teenager, I sometimes …

Help your employees transition to retirement

3 reasons why helping your employees transition benefits everyone: you, the company and the retiree Your employee may know stuff that took decades to become great at and people to know as needed resources. It may be vital foundational business knowledge. This includes experiences, stories and tribal knowledge. Give them tools to transfer their know-how, know-who and know-why. Handling change …

Aspirations for the new year – 2017

My friends Leona and Richard Bergstrom wrote THIRD CALLING. I found, on their very last page, that we share a favorite verse: Ephesians 3:20. It speaks of the result of blending God’s unique power and the dynamite power at work inside us. So I believe for “more than I can imagine” of good things in 2017!