How Can I?

Neuroscience is teaching us how this one principle changes so much about how things process in our mind. “I can’t” is resignation, end of story, turn off the dialogue. The HUGE difference that “How can I?” makes is, it turns on our imagination, allows for possibilities, and sets up an anticipated outcome! Makes us curious? It actually sends an inquiry …

Finding your song

What makes your heart sing will give you energy, bliss and quite possibly, purpose. It is time well spent when you focus on, or become curious about, what lifts your spirit and makes you sing. In the middle of everything, Find Your Song!

Don’t go upstream!

When you live from the whisper deep inside you, going with that flow is where your effectiveness and joy will amaze you. You will live in your vitality!  

What’s your silent desire?

Could your purpose or destiny be tied to those longings in your heart? Could they be a huge source of joy? Could that silent desire solve a significant problem and improve the world? I believe it is possible. Give it some thought and try taking a baby step towards it today. Act as if it’s possible.

Being enough

When God made us, He didn’t leave anything out. He didn’t make junk. He gave us everything we need for the purpose He has in mind for us. When you meditate or pray, say a phrase breathing in; say the other phrase as you breathe out. I get a very settled sense in my spirit when I do this. Ahh! …

Tips for finding your direction in life

To help find your purpose or direction, ask yourself: —     What makes me sing? (This reveals what brings me joy.) —    What makes me cry? (This reveals what touches my heart.) —    What makes me dream? (This reveals what sparks my imagination.) —    What makes me excel? (This reveals my strength.) —   What makes me different? (This reveals my uniqueness.) …

Project Renewment

I am working with people who love to learn and grow. Would that describe you? Boomers, let’s have a fulfilling retirement and leave a spectacular legacy, impacting the world with our best yet! I learned just last night of a new term for retiring career women: Project Renewment instead of retirement. There is so much more energy in the pipeline, …

The price of incongruence

When I hear the word congruency, I always think of a pair of binoculars. Adjusting the focus, you are striving for images to come into alignment. That’s congruence. There is your public persona and your private persona. How’s the alignment? Find your true self and live consistently from that. This is a line from Dr. Brene’ Brown book  The Gift of Imperfection. She …

Intuitive voice – difficult to hear?

How often have you said you didn’t have an ounce of creativity? I bet if you focused your listening on the ideas in your head, and turned up the volume, it would nurture your creativity. Try it today!

Formula: the secret to having life synergy

I love synergy – it seems like MAGIC to me! Want some?? Work/Life Synergy happens when the energy you spend is an accurate reflection of your clearly held values and priorities. It is a piece of clip art that’s really been growing on me. What a worthy goal — to align your energy with your values — resulting in beneficial synergy! …