I love to bring out the best in people.

As a behavioral scientist, I encourage and inspire with words of wisdom and hope; connecting with the world through ideas, possibilities and potential. There’s no limits. Anything is possible!

My goal is to inspire and impact 10’s of thousands to live, work, and give from their passion and purpose. As a life coach, I encourage people to embrace their unique talents, experiences and DNA to contribute to and strengthen our communities. This could start by helping to create your Essence statement, helping you find your joy or being intentional about the decisions that create your future.

I conduct workshops, MeetUps and write a column for my local paper. My concern over the challenge of time freedom and isolation is motivating me to explore solutions and create tools to globally transform retirement into 40 extended years of rich, meaningful living.

Show description:

Fresh Courage: It’s your time to shine is a show to inspire you to dream again, find the courage to try again and be vital in your unique and talented way. Have you forgotten who you are?

Adam Grant says, “Many of our limits are of our own making.” How about trading them in for becoming curious again, opening a new window or finding your lost joy? Could you start seeing yourself choosing a life that holds meaning and move forward without regrets?

Our guests share their “best practices” for using their freedom of time in such a way that it becomes their passion for life. When you decide it’s your time to shine (as a retiree, empty nester, widow or after caregiving) you could live a life full of purpose! It matters to us that you live your best life NOW.

With Fresh Courage, anything is possible. Only you decide what stops you. Some topics will tickle your brain, so try them. You start by taking the first step, being willing to learn and doing something.

Could it be that, when you shine, it strengthens our neighborhoods, cities and nation? Your Fresh Courage can really make a big deal, rippling out to touch others, who do the same.