Maximize Retirement – catalog index

Spreaker doesn’t list all the titles of my Maximize Retirement shows, so here they are.  Archived here:
#1 Introduction and why people will want to listen.
#2 Gratitude and changing our mindset.
#3 Grow and Give with guest Ron Pevny, the narrator for Transforming Aging conference.
#4 Voluntourism with guest Joyce Major, author of Smiling at the World.
#5 Leaving a non-financial legacy with guest Robert Laura, author of Naked Retirement.
#6 Fun with guest Rebecca Boehm.
#7 Neuroscience with guest Sharon Eakes, co-author of Liberating Greatness.
#8 What’s Next with guest Barbara Atkins, author of 70 is the New 40.
#9 Volunteering with guest John Barnett, past WA President of AARP
#10 Wisdom with guest Jeff Rubin, author of Wisdom of the Ages.
#11 Serving our Fallen Heroes with guest Michael Reagan
#12 Five to Staying Healthy with guest Dr Elson Haas, author of Staying Healthy with NEW Medicine
#13 Healing is an Inside Job with guest Dr Sondra Barrett, author of Ultimate Immunity
#14 Habitat Volunteering with guest John Budd, Board President of a local county Habitat
#15 Courage with guest Dr Bob Nicholson
#16 Random Acts of Kindness with Sharon
#17 Self-Care with guest Diane Vorhees
#18 Age Friendly Cities with guest Frank Caro
#19 Overcoming Obstacles with guest Carol Penney
#20 Tutoring is a big deal with guest Woody Clinard
#21 Opportunities in Politics with councilman Dave Teitzel
#22 Attitudes about Aging with guest Ashton Applewhite
#23 Thriving with guest Eric Thurman
#24 Foundations & compassionate business with Blaine Bartlett/Cynthia Kersey
ENJOY and then pass the word along to your friends.

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