Do What You Do for Charity

My recent radio/podcast interview with Blaine Bartlett and Cynthia Kersey on the topic of Foundations & compassionate business was powerful for me. Two reasons.

One is this quote, I believe Cynthia credits David Meltzer with: Do what you do for charity, as it makes the retirement transition sound so much easier, as a place to start. I translate this as if you are an IT person, now in retirement just find a charity that needs the help of an IT guru and life takes on a whole new meaning for you. Here is a great story about this very thing:

Two is their advice to Boomers looking for ways to plug into the good that foundations are doing: start by aligning with foundations that already exist first. They pointed out that many corporations and companies already have established a foundation or non-profit or 501©3 and a quicker way to get involved is just to find one that aligns with your personal values and interests. (Starting a foundation is a very specialized process and often takes the talent of attorneys and tax advisers.)

My mind then takes these two things further by encouraging the corporations to aggressively plant seeds of possibility for Boomers, by including on their Exit Checklist, the various options to contribute time and talent in their community service and foundation projects that’s already going. In fact, I dream of a day when billboards promote the attractiveness of Boomers naturally engaging in corporate community service and non-profit agencies as a desired way to maintain and build new relationships, grow our next generation and help struggling homes become sustainable.

We will all be stronger: our neighborhoods, our communities, our nation and us Boomers.

Listen here to the archived Maximize Retirement shows:

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