Courage – Maximize Retirement show #15

I’ve been on a mission to find a guest to talk about Courage for a few weeks now. When I was recently in the library looking for something else, my eye caught a orange book with Courage in big letters on it. Well, maybe that will help, so I took it home. Debbie Ford surprised me with her approach, but I was glad I picked it up.

Then this week, when I met with a friend for coffee, who helps people find their purpose, I figured she could probably tell lots of stories of people who had courage to make a change. But, she declined my request to be a guest! Instead, she recommended this guy she described as a writer for 3rd Act Magazine with lots of energy. No contact info, though.

So, I posted a Comment on an article written about Bob on 3rd Act site, not knowing when to expect a response, if any!

Bob Nicholson was the perfect person for this show on Courage! I asked:

  • where he found courage,
  • why it’s important,
  • what he’s learned about courage, and
  • how to build courage.

I predict this show #15 will become a classic!

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