Miracles happen when…

Miracles happen when we live in our hearts. I attribute this quote from Dr Bernie Siegel. What an amazing author and healer he is! One of the first cancer doctors to think outside the box and use any means possible to generate healing in many desperate cases. You might remember his blockbuster book Love, Medicine and Miracles?

On a scale of 1-10 on a weekly basis, how often do you live in your heart? Work and careers are so much more meaningful and rewarding when we feel it is important and serving someone, right?

Those places or situations that seem impossible are often totally changed and turned around when we approach them with heart and caring. That’s the amazing power of love!

As I work with people in transitions, exploring and being curious about ways to express and live from their heart is a top priority. It’s much easier to get through the tough times, when they come, when our passion and heart is being engaged daily. Let’s build a future with our hearts fully engaged!

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