What makes me happy?

A few years ago I was impressed and curious when my sister went scouting for a place to buy near Mt. Rainier National Park. Since then, I’ve admired the fact that she knew what would make her happy and was willing to spend serious money to live in her happiness.
Did I know what made me happy? Not really. And, I was a little jealous!  I reminded myself that scripture often refers to “that your joy may be full.” God intends for us, and wants us, to be happy!! Our U S constitution includes provision for the pursuit of happiness!
I recalled how I love the smell of toast and fresh mown grass. I loved color. I like dimples and blue eyes. I like growing petunias and geraniums.
But what would I be willing to seriously pursue as an investment?
Great question as us Baby Boomers face the transition into retirement, huh? Freedom from work is only half the equation in retirement. What to do with time freedom is the other side of that.
As I considered my new path, I wanted to pursue something worth my focus and intention. Something that would stretch me, too. I’ve always liked bringing out the best in people. And, in the midst of my coaching coursework, it is bringing out the best in me, too!
Reflecting on what makes us happy IS TIME WELL SPENT!
May I be your partner in exploring the possibilities, as your coach?

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