5 Key Choices that can Change Your Life

The power of choice is a fundamental power, according to the TEDx talk Caroline Myss presented this spring. However, she says since choice often arrives in the tiniest moments of life, we seldom realize how key or significant our decisions are.

In her presentation, the 5 choices that matter are:

  1. The decision to live a life of integrity. Do not betray yourself or compromise yourself. Your mind, heart and cells know! Liars don’t heal.
  2. The decision to not pass not on your suffering, but your wisdom. Healing is about, what happened to me will not defeat me, but is my source of wisdom.
  3. Decide to take risks and not wait for proof. Don’t take the safe path; don’t diminish ourselves. How many of my greatest fears actually happen? How many of the best things that happen, I had nothing to do with it? Choose something new.
  4. Choose new words. Quantum energy medicine will include the power of our vocabulary; toxic thoughts deplete your energy.
  5. Choose to bless every single day. This day will never happen again. 

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