Help your employees transition to retirement

3 reasons why helping your employees transition benefits everyone: you, the company and the retiree

  1. Your employee may know stuff that took decades to become great at and people to know as needed resources. It may be vital foundational business knowledge. This includes experiences, stories and tribal knowledge. Give them tools to transfer their know-how, know-who and know-why.
  2. Handling change is often tough. Planning for transitions are conversations that need to happen. How will things be different in the future, for everyone? Empower them to deal with it because it’ll impact the culture positively, build trust and contribute to your transparent process.
  3. Senior employees need both financial and non-financial planning tools. How many people plan for having enough money but don’t plan on what to do with their 24/7 freedom of time? The lack of relationships and meaningful work or purpose often leads to boredom, depression and ill health. The options for still being engaged grows each year: mentoring, fund raising, building a Habitat house, revive a long-lost dream, learn something new, volunteering for your favorite hobby group, travel with a purpose, start a foundation, talk to a veteran, write a book of memories, write a grant, consult using your expertise or volunteer for Special Olympics and community events.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. – C.S. Lewis

Managing Transitions by William Bridges


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